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Please take a photo of your practice impression and complete the form. You MUST send us a photo of your practice impression, no matter if you feel it is good or bad. If you do not send the photo, you will not receive instructions on how to proceed. We want to make sure you have taken the best impressions of your teeth. We include this practice impression to be able to provide you with feedback on improving your impressions BEFORE you take the “final” impressions. However, if you did your practice impressions perfectly we can use those to make your device. Our goal is to make sure your “final” impressions are able to be used to make your device. This will save you time and will also prevent you needing to order additional putty to take new impressions. Once you have completed all fields, click “Send“. You will see a box that appears confirming your photos have been sent. AFTER you see the box appear notifying you that your pictures have been sent, click the “Next” button. If you click the “Next” button before clicking “Send” your teeth impression photos will NOT be sent to us for approval.

If you ordered a Partial, Flipper or Click In Smile, please select the teeth that you want to be added to the device:
Select the teeth that you want added to your device:


If you ordered a Partial, Flipper or Click In Smile, please select the shade that best matches your current existing teeth

Teeth Shade:

Upload Teeth Impression Photos

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